List of Events

  1. Contemporary Textile Printing (Summer)

  2. Explore Feltmaking (Summer)

  3. From Paper to Fabric (Summer)

  4. A collection of items - including coasters, a terracotta pot and a plaque - decorated with brightly coloured mosaic tiles.

    Introduction to Outdoor Mosaics

  5. Introduction to Sewing & Dressmaking (Summer)

  6. Textiles: Surface Decoration (Summer)

  7. Introduction to Basket Weaving (Summer)

  8. Introduction to Sewing & Dressmaking (Summer)

  9. Textile Textures and Stitched Mixed Media (Summer)

  10. Contemporary Embroidery & Stitch Art (Summer)

  11. Introduction to Weaving, Fibres and Constructed Textiles (Summer)

  12. A person is cutting fabric, with drawn outlines on it. There is measuring tape, thread and a sewing machine to the sides.

    Sew a Summer Skirt

  13. Japanese Sashiko Stitched Rice Bag

  14. A range of pink, purple and brown wools that vary in thickness

    Introduction to Constructed Textiles

  15. Botanical Silk Scarves using Eco Dyes

  16. A persons hands is guiding yellow fabric through a white sewing machine

    Sew a Summer Dress

  17. Cream string is hanging from a pole of wood, with hands reaching out to tie it in a knot

    Macrame Wall Hanging

  18. Seaweed Surface Decoration and Stitch