List of Events

  1. A main in a pink suit and wearing a bow tie in front of a pink background.

    Stephen Bailey: Crass

  2. A man at a podium wearing a suit gesturing with his hands.

    Matt Chorley: Poll Dancer

  3. Laugh Out Proud!

  4. On stage next to a mic a woman wearing a crown raises her arms in front of a crowd.

    Part Of The Main: Bloody Mary Live!

    Theatre and Dance
  5. A woman with dark hair rests her chin on her fist.

    Rosie Holt: That's Politainment!

  6. A man with glasses and a beard (Ashley Blaker) looks forward with his arms crossed in front of a plain grey background.

    Ashley Blaker: Normal Schmormal

  7. A woman (Kiri Pritchard-McLean) stands outside in a sequined blue dress and with peacock feather around her.

    Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Peacock

  8. A woman wearing a gold and black dress (Lucy Porter) stands in front of an orange lit background with her right hand outstretched and her left hand to her chest.

    Lucy Porter: No Regrets!

  9. A man in a black t shirt sits on a stool against a teal background, one arm rests on his knee and he looks ahead.

    Russell Hicks: Happy To Be Here