List of Events

  1. A dancer has a happy expression with their eyes closed and move open and their hair is moving above their head - they wear a read headband and has spots of white paint over their arms and face.

    Congolese Independence Day Celebrations 2024

  2. A singer holds up an umbrella in front of  watching audience of adults with babies.

    Babies Adventures in Music (BAM 2024)

  3. Simmer Down Festival: 2024 Launch

  4. On the left a guitarist - Jessica Ackerley - with long dark hair wearing a white tshirt sits on a stool. On the right Eli Wallace wears a black tshit and has dark stubble.

    TDE: Jessica Ackerley and Eli Wallace Duo + Amy Coates Trio

  5. An orhestra of around a dozen musicians playing lots of different instruments in front of a seated audience.

    Surge Orchestra: Family jam and workshops

  6. YolanDa Brown holds up a hand to their ear and wears a brightly coloured jacket - there are lots of children in front of them and a band in the background.

    YolanDa's Band Jam

  7. A man wearing a backwards red baseball cap and sunglasses (Apache Indian) crosses his arms with his fingers extended out.

    Apache Indian: 30th Anniversary Gig

  8. A musician with brown hair and glasses playing a soprano saxophone.

    TDE: Laubrock Rainey Pope Hunter

  9. Black and white - two men with guitars face each other, one is playing and the other has crossed his arms. The text "A Night Of Glass" is in the centre below two spotlights.

    Dan Whitehouse: A Night of Glass with Gustaf Ljunggren

  10. A singer sings into a mic on stage with an accordian player and trumpeter behind them - beams of yellow and red stage lights are in the background.


  11. Martin is onstage, singing into a microphone and playing a guitar

    A Selective Agency Presentation: Martin McAloon of Prefab Sprout, 40 YEARS: A VERSION

  12. A man holding his hands together on the head of an acoustic guitar.

    Steve Knightley: Winter Yards