About our events

MAC is proud to work closely with local communities in all of their diversity, with an active commitment to supporting creativity and wellbeing for everyone.

List of Events

  1. Text 'Queer My Throat by Generation Q' in the top left corner in an orange spiky circle. Artwork pictures of each artist in a circle against a black background. The artist's illustrations are: A person in a black shirt and black hat, a person with red hair and pink eyeshadow in a vibrant top, a person taking a selfie on a phone with brown long hair, a person in a wheelchair smiling with long blonde hair and their arms open, a person in a cowboy hat and sunglasses with a red feather boa, a person in a cowboy hat with black curly hair, a person with red short hair and blue eyes. On the right is a microphone being held in a hand with rainbow colours, with the text 'Make Some Noise' and an orange star in the background.

    Generation Q: Queer My Throat

  2. Group of women sing in a busy room to a cheering and smiling crowd.

    In Her Shoes: International Women's Day Workshop