About our events

MAC is proud to work closely with local communities in all of their diversity, with an active commitment to supporting creativity and wellbeing for everyone.

List of Events

  1. Two adults, one wearing a head scarf, sit with 2 children - one child looks into a paper bag with one of the adults. Text reads "for children and young people with SEN" and "common ground arts".

    Common Ground Festival: Eid for everyone

  2. A male dancer jumps high in the air with his legs split and arms stretched out, as three more men wearing the same white t shirt and the dancer stand and watch leaning against a brick wall.

    Autin Dance Theatre: free dance workshops

  3. A dancer has a happy expression with their eyes closed and move open and their hair is moving above their head - they wear a read headband and has spots of white paint over their arms and face.

    Congolese Independence Day Celebrations 2024