List of Events

  1. Colour Box: The Last Unicorn

  2. A grey cartoon mouse sits on a book that has an illustration of an old ship on it. A lit candle sits next to the book.

    touch screen: Once Upon A Time

  3. A woman blows an instrument made of clay at a man listening with a clay ear.


  4. Two smiling adults, stood on a stage. One with an aquamarine jumpsuit and wavy black hair holds an infant. The other faces them, his arm over the harp in his turquoise button up shirt.

    Babies Adventures in Music (BAM 2024)

  5. Three ducks sit in a river. The older ducks are smiling at each other, and the younger one is looking upset with their eyes rolled.


  6. A woman and a young child are writing on a plant label with small seed pots around them

    Plant MAC’s Exhibition Labels

  7. Five animated rabbits wearing different coloured jackets walk forwards on their back legs like humans, in a grassy and hilly landscape.

    Reel & Meal: Peter Rabbit

  8. A woman in a hood (Rebecca Ferguson) with piercing blue eyes looks out to the left of the picture. Strange symbols and Cyrillic writing cover her face.

    Cinema Bambino: Dune Part Two

  9. A close up of a patterned design made of Lego - you can see three people's hands and arms as they put more pieces of lego together.

    The Brick People

  10. 2 cartoon faces, one wearing a crown, with text Wifi Wars and an audience in the background.

    WiFi Wars

  11. A women in a blue apron and wearing a hair band stands next to a rabbit puppet with glasses.

    Box Tale Soup: Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

  12. A woman in a striped top and hat holds a teddy bear puppet with a blue jumper.

    Kitchen Zoo: The Three Bears

  13. Against a black background there is white paper everywhere and forming an archway in a sort of explosion - two joyful woman also covered in paper dance amongst the paper.

    Little Big Dance: Club Origami

    Theatre and Dance
  14. The same two men repeated three times against a striped purple background with stars.

    Morgan & West's Massive Magic Show For Kids