List of Events

  1. Stood in a desert, a strange green creature looks down at a spotted egg sitting next to it.

    touch screen: Eggs

  2. Two smiling adults, stood on a stage. One with an aquamarine jumpsuit and wavy black hair holds an infant. The other faces them, his arm over the harp in his turquoise button up shirt.

    Babies Adventures in Music (BAM 2024)

  3. Against a black background there is white paper everywhere and forming an archway in a sort of explosion - two joyful woman also covered in paper dance amongst the paper.

    Little Big Dance: Club Origami

    Theatre and Dance
  4. Wearing a denim shirt, Bob Marley (played by Kingsley Ben-Adir) sings into a microphone whilst holding a guitar.

    Cinema Bambino: One Love

  5. A cartoon boy wearing a red tshirt with a truck pictured on it, looks shocked between two green headed people with warts.

    Colour Box Bingo!

  6. touch screen: Flatpack

  7. Framed through a blue circular entrance, an adult and two children explore a colour circular chamber and you can see more similar chambers of different colours in the background with another family in the distance.

    Eye Music Trust: Colourscape

  8. A young white man with dark hair looks at a furry little creature with big ears who is appearing out of his open backpack.

    Flatpack 2024: Gremlins + Q&A

  9. The same two men repeated three times against a striped purple background with stars.

    Morgan & West's Massive Magic Show For Kids

  10. A group of people in a science lab (including Finn Wolfhard and Dan Ackroyd) watch James Acaster's tech geek use a prod to pick up a golden orb, which is sitting in a glass case.

    Cinema Bambino - Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

  11. 2 cartoon faces, one wearing a crown, with text Wifi Wars and an audience in the background.

    WiFi Wars

  12. Veteran Ghostbusters Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray hold proton packs as they look up off camera.

    Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

  13. A cartoon dog holds two fingers up behind the head of a cartoon robot as they pose for a photo. The robot looks to its right quizzically.

    Robot Dreams

  14. A fox and two of Santa's elves with a bag of letters sit on a snowy ledge and look forwards as snow falls.

    Little Angel Theatre: Finding Santa