List of Events

  1. A dancer has a happy expression with their eyes closed and move open and their hair is moving above their head - they wear a read headband and has spots of white paint over their arms and face.

    Congolese Independence Day Celebrations 2024

  2. A girl smiles in the middle of lots of coloured ribbons.

    Folk Dance Remixed: Step Hop House

  3. A child smiles and looks through the hoops of hanging colour tape rolls which they hold to their eyes.

    Second Hand Dance: The Sticky Dance

  4. Benjamin Zephaniah smiles and looks off to the left.

    Benjamin Zephaniah: A Celebration

    Theatre and Dance
  5. A bright stage light casts a purple beam of light from the right of the image. On the left you can see the edge of a face, outlined by white highlights from the light and the rest in shadow,

    Mobilise Arts: The Queer Motherhood Project

    Theatre and Dance
  6. David Westhead is sitting down and resting his head on top of a large tape player with his hands on either side of it.

    Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett + Q&A with Stockard Channing

    Theatre and Dance
  7. 3 actors stand in a semi circle facing out - each wears clothes all in one colour: yellow, blue and purple.

    People Show: The Diviners

    Theatre and Dance
  8. John Hegley plays a mandolin on a dark black stage, wearing a brown jacket and glasses.

    John Hegley: An American in Luton

    Theatre and Dance
  9. One man sits down reading a book, and another leans intimately over his shoulder to read it too.

    Kabosh Theatre: Callings

    Theatre and Dance
  10. Three men wearing black and grey clothes sit on a bar with instruments.

    Frozen Light: The Bar At The Edge of Time

    Theatre and Dance
  11. 2 dancers with their arms outstretched in a dark space with white smoke around them. One holds the other high up in a throw over the other.

    James Wilton Dance: LORE

    Theatre and Dance
  12. A man with a hat with goggles on top creates long stretches of colourful bubbles with several hoops.

    The Highland Joker: The Bubble Show

  13. Two adults wearing aprons in a kitchen with a pink work top - one holds up a lime and the other looks at them and smiles.

    Maya Productions: Súper Chefs

  14. A fox and two of Santa's elves with a bag of letters sit on a snowy ledge and look forwards as snow falls.

    Little Angel Theatre: Finding Santa