About our events

Join us for an adult short course and develop a new passion at MAC!

List of Events

  1. A person is cutting an orange tile, surrounded by different coloured cut tiles

    Introduction to Mosaics

  2. A person is pushing a bright fabric through a sewing machine

    Sew a Spring Top

  3. Introduction to Ceramics - 2 day

  4. Introduction to Writing for Children

  5. Wheelwork Asymmetric Forms - 1 day

  6. Collage

  7. Introduction to Wheelwork Weekend

  8. A collection of items - including coasters, a terracotta pot and a plaque - decorated with brightly coloured mosaic tiles.

    Introduction to Outdoor Mosaics

  9. Colourful yellow, purple and blue felt is being laid on a table

    Nuno Felt Scarf Making

  10. The Writing Factory

  11. Wheelwork for Beginners

  12. A person is cutting fabric, with drawn outlines on it. There is measuring tape, thread and a sewing machine to the sides.

    Sew a Summer Skirt

  13. A piece of paper with a decorative, floral pattern in blue and gold, with pens laid to the right hand side

    Islamic Manuscript Illumination

  14. Introduction to Improv Weekend Intensive

  15. Introduction to Poetry and Poetic Writing

  16. Wheelwork Asymmetric Forms - 1 day

  17. Japanese Sashiko Stitched Rice Bag

  18. Life Drawing & Painting Studio Days for Improvers (Summer)

  19. Ceramics Open Studio Days

  20. Introduction to Ceramics - 2 day

  21. Introduction to Creative Writing

  22. A range of pink, purple and brown wools that vary in thickness

    Introduction to Constructed Textiles

  23. Printing from Life

  24. Art Deco Pottery