List of Events

  1. A jazz band made up of a double bass player, two saxophonists, and a drummer.

    TDE: Forj and the Improvising String Quartet

  2. Black and white shot of 60s band Pinkerton's Assorted Colours performing in a TV studio.

    Kaleidoscope: Pop At The MAC

  3. Blue Duck Theatre: As You Like it

  4. Mark Thomas stands by a mic stand wearing a tracksuit top and gesturing with his fists.

    Mark Thomas: Gaffa Tapes - Warm Up

  5. A robot and a dog stand on a beach, their feet paddlingin the sea. The dog is wearing an inflatable ring and the robot is wearing arm bands. In the background we can see a ferris wheel and lots of sunbathing animals, as well as a large rollercoaster.

    Colour Box: Robot Dreams

  6. a table with various colourful cards, prints, tote bags laid out for purchase

    MAC's Arts Market

  7. Disabled and neurodivergent young musicians posing for a photo smiling with their instruments, black background and floor. All in black t-shirts.

    National Open Youth Orchestra: Birmingham Concert

  8. A woman sits and a man stands in a gallery looking at a painting on the wall.

    EOS: My National Gallery, London

  9. Eight cyclists wearing yellow and black outfits cheer and raise their hands, looking directly into camera. Behind them is the sea and a blue sky, with the sun shining brightly.

    Chasing The Sun + Q&A

  10. Two men in jackets and holding string instruments walking through a field.

    Spiers and Boden

  11. Afreen Afreen Qawwali Night with Qalandar Band

  12. Three women sit on a sofa in a beach house. The lady on the right twiddles her hair and the lady in the middle (Kristin Scott-Thomas) is holding a cigarette.

    Two Tickets To Greece

  13. A young man and a young woman sit next to each, looking into each others' eyes and holding hands. They both have a red drinks can next to them.


  14. Furiosa (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) crouches as she exits a vehicle, one hand holding a sawn-off shotgun. Her forehead is covered in black warpaint.

    Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

  15. 5 musicians in front of a green background and the Ryland Caravan logo.

    Ryland Caravan 2024: with headliners indie legends Cud

  16. Black and white - two men with guitars face each other, one is playing and the other has crossed his arms. The text "A Night Of Glass" is in the centre below two spotlights.

    Dan Whitehouse: A Night of Glass with Gustaf Ljunggren

  17. An Indian trans model looks directly into the camera as another person does her eye make-up.

    India's First Best Trans Model Agency + Q&A

  18. Martin Parr: Autoportrait

  19. A large collection of animated birds sit on some rocks. Their beaks are yellow and their fur is a mix of orange and blue.

    touch screen: Birds

  20. A musician plays a saxophone with their eyes closed with another musician in the background.

    TDE: Mike Fletcher's Silent Form

  21. A singer holds up an umbrella in front of  watching audience of adults with babies.

    Babies Adventures in Music (BAM 2024)

  22. A man (George MacKay) and a woman (Lea Seydoux) stand staring into each others' eyes. In the background is a small table with a red tablecloth and red lamp, alongside a glittering stripper pole.

    The Beast

  23. Flamenco Nights: Jose Almarcha UK Tour

  24. Reel and Meal: Clue